Tender to Supply Vertinery Tools and Drugs (re-advertised)

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Tender To Supply Vertinery Tools And Drugs

Tors – Supply Of Vertinery Tools And Drugs


The Building Climate Resilient Rural Communities in Zambia project is aimed at enhancing the capacity of communities with a particular focus on women and girls, in the rural district of Chisamba, to adapt and become resilient to the impacts of climate change. The project is conducting a beneficiary selection process for would be beneficiaries on the Five Green enterprises namely Bee Keeping, Poultry, piggery, Fish Farming and Gardening.

Beneficiary Selection

Beneficiaries to venture into Poultry production were selected by a committee which was constituted by the project team including relevant government line Ministries, traditional leadership and PIZ based on the application that were submitted. A total of 50 community members both individuals and groups were selected based on the target indicated in the approved Project Proposal.

Plan International Zambia wish to extend its invitation to participate in the request for proposals to supply the following materials:



1 Strong canvas kit bag X01 Leather kit is better
2 Thermometer X01 Digital thermometer
3 Disposable syringes X10

Disposable needles 2ml X20

Disposable syringes 5ml X15

Disposable syringes 10ml X20

Disposable syringes 20ml X10

4 Reusable Needles 16G X12 Hypodermic

Disposable Needles 18G X15 Intramuscular
Disposable Needles 21G X15 Intramuscular

5 Drenching bottle/gun X01

6 Scalpel blades handle X01

7 Surgical razor blades (Scalpel Blades) X10

8 Emasculator – Burdizzo X01

9 Elastrator  (ring Applicator) X01

10 (Elastrator) Rubber rings X100

11 De-horning iron X01

12 Nose pliers X01

13 Pig snare X01

14 Restrain ropes X02

15 Hoof cutters X01

16 Tooth clippers X01

17 Bottle for disinfectant X01

18 Tincture of iodine and alcohol X01 (1 Tincture and 1 M/spirit 19)
Cotton wool X01

Gauze Bandages X01 Packet

20 Work suit X01

21 Gum boots X01 (Safety boots would be better)
22 Bicycle and Repair kit (Mechanical and puncture repair) X01

23 Debeaker X01

24 Rain coat X01

25 Bolus gun X01

26 Small Heavy duty Cooler Box X01

27 Pair of Forceps X01

28 Pairs of Gloves (Examination) X01 Box

Protective Gloves (leather canvas) X01

29 Knapsac Sprayer X01

30 Graduated measurement cups 2 (50ml) and 2 (100ml) X04 (To carter for both toxic and non-toxic substances)

Basic Drug Kit for Community Livestock Volunteers


01 Poultry Dust  (AKHERI) X01 (500g
02) Albendazole Dewormer X01 (2 liter )

03 Piperazine Dewormer X01 (1 kg bottles)
05 Penstreptomycin X02 (100 ml bottle)
06 Oxytetracycline, 20% X02 (100 ml bottle)
07 Healing Oil X01 (0.5-1 lt bottle)
08 Tick-grease X01 (0.5 lt /500 gm bottle)
09 Litter  Guard X01 (For mothers/pregnant)
The final delivery point is Chisamba, Chipembe and Chikonkomene communities in Central Province.


All applicants should provide the following documentations:

  • ZPPA
  • Company  registration certificate
  • VAT Tax Registration /Clearance
  • Necessary certifications to sale vertinery drugs
  • No pending litigation status that would negatively affect this contract

How to Apply

Please send your bid applications to [email protected] cc [email protected] , By 16:30hrs, 15th December 2021 local time and any bids received after this time and date will not be accepted.

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