District Dedicated Accountant


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1. Project Background:
The Scaling Up Nutrition Program is a cross-ministry and multi-donor program to reduce stunting in Zambia through implementation of the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) 1,000 Most Critical Days Program.

SUN TA will provide support and direct technical assistance to sub-national local government departments in target districts to plan, implement, coordinate, and monitor integrated nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific activities to reduce the rate of stunting among Zambian children under two and improve the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating mothers. USAID has identified two main objectives that address stunting, including (1) Adequate Quantity and Quality of Dietary Intake among Target Groups; and (2) Adequate Health Conditions for Biological Utilization of Nutrients. SUN TA interventions will increase access and availability of safe, diverse, nutritious food; adoption of better child feeding and household hygiene practices; and access to improved health, water and sanitation services. The project will prioritize sustainability by improving intra-household joint decision making and building the capacity of local government and their stakeholders to ensure coordination, accountability, and learning, following the Scaling Up Nutrition model.

2. Location: Lusaka, Zambia

3. Objective:
The District Dedicated Accountant (DDA) will help the SUN TA Finance Team ensure that district financial transaction documentation is complete, accurate and that advances, payments and advance retirements are made on a timely basis.

4. Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Receives and reviews (for completeness and accuracy) all incoming advance requests, transfer requests, expense reports, and invoices from the districts. Ensures the integrity of all documentation including requests, receipts, invoices, signatory sheets, expense reports and vouchers.
2. Review the Petty cash reconciliations coming from the districts.
3. Prepares required documentation for submission to Finance Manager for final review and approval before entry into DAI’s Financial Accounting System;
4. Performs routine scanning, filing and uploading of financial vouchers for submission to DAI’s headquarter.
5. Performs data entry into the Financial Accounting System.
6. Works with the Procurement and Grants Team to pay and capture grants transactions on ABSA and FAS respectively.
7. Performs other financial tasks assigned by the Finance Team which are consistent with his/her qualifications, this Scope of Work and the general requirements of the project.
8. Maintains a good knowledge and understanding of all policies and procedures as set forth in the SUN TA Field Operations Policy Manual.

5. Reporting and Supervision:
The DDA will be based in Lusaka and will report to the Sun TA Finance Manager.

6. Qualifications and Skills:

  • B.A. Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Fully paid up ZICA Member
  • At least two years previous experience in accounting or financial management.
  • Experience working with international NGOs or donors, such as USAID-funded projects (preferred).
  • No prior legal convictions for fraud or theft and no prior terminations for cause from a prior employer.
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel (required)
  • Experience using accounting software.
  • Past experience managing petty cash accounts.
  • Demonstrated honesty, trustworthiness initiative and self-motivation in handling all assigned tasks.
    ? Fluency in English is required.

To apply for this job please visit fs9.formsite.com .

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