Tender for the Supply and Delivery of Portable Earthing Sets for the Victoria Falls Power Station and Transmission Substations at ZESCO Limited – in Zambia

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Invitation for Bids

Tender for The Supply and Delivery of Six (6) 11kV Portable Earthing Sets CW Link Sticks 6m 80mm 2 Copper Conductor and Three (3) 33kV Portable Earthing Set CW Link Sticks 10m 80mm 2 Copper Conductor for The Victoria Falls Power Station (Lot 1) And One Hundred (100) Earthing Set, Portable, For 220-330KV Transmission Substations (Lot 2)-ZESCO Limited-ZESCO/042/2021

ZESCO Limited has set aside funds in the 2021 budget towards the cost for procurement of six (6) 11KV portable earthing sets CW link sticks 6m 80mm copper conductor and three (3) 33kV portable earthing set CW sticks 10m 80mm copper conductor for the Victoria Falls Power Station (Lot 1) and one hundred (100) earthing set, portable, for 220-330kV Transmission Substations (Lot 2)-ZESCO Limited.

ZESCO Limited now invites eligible bidders to submit sealed bids for the supply and delivery of earthing sets for the Victoria Falls Power Station, Bidding will be conducted through open national bidding (ONB) procedures specified in the Public Procurement Act Number 8 of 2020 and the Public Procurement Regulations of 2011.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below from 08:00 to 12:30 hours and from 14:00 to 16:30 hours respectively.

A complete set of bidding document in English may be purchased by bidder at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of K1,000.00 or its equivalent in any freely convertible currency . The method of payment will be Cash or Bank (Managers) Cheque issued by a recognized Commercial Bank acceptable to the Purchaser, or direct deposit or transfer of funds into the Purchaser's Bank account with evidence of such deposit as follows:

ADDRESS:                   PLOT NO. 6907, P.O. BOX 35411, CAIRO ROAD, LUSAKA
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  0012030001372
BRANCH:                     CORPORATE

Bids must be secured by a bid securing declaration in accordance with the format provided in the bidding document.

The bidding document will be collected from the office of the Senior Manager, Procurement and Stores Division at ZESCO Head Office at the address given below.

Submission Procedure

Bids, appropriately bound, sealed and clearly bold labelled " TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF SIX (6) 11kV PORTABLE EARTHING SETS CW LINK STICKS 6M 8OMM 2 COPPER CONDUCTOR AND THREE (3) 33kV PORTABLE EARTHING SET CW LINK STICKS 10M 8OMM 2 COPPER CONDUCTOR FOR THE VICTORIA FALLS POWER STATION (LOT 1) AND ONE HUNDRED (100) EARTHING SET, PORTABLE, FOR 220-330KV TRANSMISSION SUBSTATIONS (LOT 2)-ZESCO LIMITED-ZESCO/042/2020 ", must be addressed to the Senior Manager - Procurement and Stores Division and must be deposited in the tender box located on the Ground Floor, Main Entrance, Procurement Division Offices situated at Regional Control Centre (RCC) Building adjacent to ZESCO Central Stores Filling Station within the ZESCO Limited Head Office premises, Lusaka at or before 10:30 on Friday, 20 August 2021 . TELEGRAPHIC AND/OR ELECTRONIC OFFERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Bids will be opened immediately thereafter at the address given below in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend.

The addresses referred to above are:

For Inspection, Clarifications and Purchase of Bidding Documents

Attention: Senior Manager Procurement and Stores
ZESCO Limited
Ground Floor, Regional Control Centre (RCC) Building, Procurement and Stores Offices,
Stand Number 6949
Great East Road
P.O. Box 33304
Lusaka, Zambia
Email: [email protected]

For Submission of Bids

ZESCO Limited
Tender Box located at the Ground Floor, Main Entrance, Procurement and Stores Offices,
Regional Control Centre (RCC) Building
Stand Number 6949, Great East Road
P.O. Box 33304
Lusaka, Zambia

For Opening of Bids

ZESCO Limited
Conference Room, Ground Floor, Main Entrance of the Procurement and Stores Offices,
Regional Control Centre (RCC) Building
Stand Number 6949, Great East Road
Lusaka, Zambia

Brian C. Kambole
Senior Manager Procurement and Stores

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