Tender to Supply and Deliver 3000 Goats to 08 Chongwe District Locations at Plan International

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Tender to Supply and Deliver 3000 Goats to 08 Chongwe District Locations at  Plan International


Plan International is implementing a two-year youth economic empowerment project. The goal of the project is to empower out of school young people especially girls to have sustained income through enhanced skills and opportunities for entrepreneurship. The Gift of Hope livestock enterprise project will train young people in 8 Sponsorship Communities in Central Province in livestock farming skills to support livestock enterprises in goat, poultry, and beekeeping farming.


The GoH project has targeted to empower an initial 300 young farmers with 3000 goats, that are intended reproduce and off-springs to be passed on to the already identified 300 second generation beneficiaries.

Agriculture and livestock production remain the primary and most viable means for economic development in rural Zambia. This view is supported by the Government’s social strategies advanced through the national agriculture policy which places livestock development as key to poverty reduction. Goats provide endless advantages over large livestock as they are resilient and easier to look after and can survive under harsh environments they are browsers that can be kept on small areas and can do without supplementary as fodder is readily available from harvested fields and shrubs.

For young people in Central Province, the project target area, livestock farming especially goat, poultry, and beekeeping has been identified as a potential income source that has many positive attributes that make them favourable for smallholder farmers due to their need for low inputs for a moderate level of production, ability to reach maturity early and of course their profitability. In situations where land is of poor quality and constrained by environmental factors such as inadequate rainfall, very high temperatures, crop cultivation becomes difficult and the capital investment required is not easily accessible by young people.

Livestock like goats and chicken, however, make a significant contribution to poor farmers and the stability of small farm systems under such situations and contribute towards rural household food and nutritional security.

For this project in particular, the breeds identified as viable based on the recommendations from the ministry of fisheries and livestock as well as the feedback from the needs assessment conducted amongst beneficiaries are; Local indigenous breeds for the goats and the indigenous free- range chickens.

It is hoped that the chickens will be distributed by the end of May, 2022.


1. To procure the 3000 chickens for 300 initial beneficiaries as per project design.

2. To procure the goats as the main capital product for the identified 300 young farmers.

3. To enable the beneficiaries (young farmers) start their project and practically utilize the knowledge and skills acquired during the technical trainings for high productivity and project success.


Supply and delivery of;

a) 3000 goats

Sex distribution of goats

b) 2 he-goats to 5 females

c) The goats and the chickens must be supplied at full maturity age (mating age) but not over grown

Delivery Points:

The following are the distances to the 8 distribution sites:

From Chibombo to Malombe community (10 km)
From Chibombo to Chankumba community (8km)
From Chibombo to Mukalashi  community (9km)
From Chibombo to Chibombo central community (3 km)
From Kabwe to Chowa community (20km)
From Kabwe to Muswishi community (35km)
From Kabwe to Lombwa community (57km)


All applicants should provide the following documentations:

  • Tender offer/Quotation
  • ZPPA
  • Company registration certificate
  • VAT Tax Registration /Clearance
  • The applicant/supplier should have no pending litigation status that would negatively affect this contract.

How to Apply

Please send your bid applications to  [email protected] cc [email protected] , By 16:30hrs, 22nd May 2022 local time and any bids received after this time and date will not be accepted.

NB: All successful applicants will receive notifications within 05 days from closure of Tender.