Regional Manager

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The Regional Manager is to report to the Supply Chain Manager in overall depot management in terms of extension services to small holder farmers in the Lusaka Province region, input distribution and grain procurement. There will be a dotted line in reporting to the Country Sales Manager in terms of distribution and sales of finished products within the same area.


Key Responsibilities

1. Execute planning, budgeting and control of farmer recruitment, training, input distribution, farmer field monitoring and procurement activities

2. Manage and control the depot inventory of inputs, grain and finished products and oversee regular reconciliations of stock; must carry out random cross check of physical stock on a day to day/ alternate day basis.

3. Manage and supervise the district managers (and their extension officers), and oversee all out grower operations of the province to ensure they are completed on time and within budget

4. Manage relationship and monitor activities of 260 Brands’ implementing partners in out grower scheme activities

5. Communicate with the Project Manager amongst others regarding project activities

6. Responsible for opening and closing depot

7. Drawing up and requesting Invoices for approval from Country Sales Manager and sending invoices to customers; Verifying invoices are fulfilled accurately by cross checking all products ordered by customers are loaded and delivered and posting cross checking tellers (Compound/Wholesale – Invoices). Order sheet to be sent on a daily basis.

8. Responsible for printing invoices and stock report.

9. Petty Cash management and ensuring sufficient supply for operational costs (fuel, offloading charges, etc.). Petty cash reports on daily basis. Keeping day to day Sales Cash safely and to ensure it is been deposited in Company a/c on a daily basis.

10. Responsible for filling vehicles with fuel.

11. Responsible for Reporting to management of fraudulent activities are misusing of Company assets by existing employees

12. Other Operational duties as required and ensuring business operations are carried out smoothly

Key Qualifications

1. Degree in Agriculture, Business Management or equivalent

2. Language: Fluent in English, Bemba and Nyanja

3. 6+ years relevant work experience

4. Extensive knowledge of organic farming and organic certification requirements is preferred

5. Extensive knowledge of small-scale agribusiness and farming

6. Experience in sales & marketing in FMCG is preferred

7. Familiarity with Automated Out grower management systems (AOMS) in the form of digital apps, for creating farmer profiles, inputting farmer info and streamlining procurement operations

8. High level of computer literacy with a strong command of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

9. Skills: Excellent coordination, training and communication skills

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Lusaka, Zambia Contract Contract type: National employment contract Company Description The  Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)  is an international not-for-profit development organization that believes in contributing to poverty alleviation in Zambia…